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This is a list of Medals in our possesion which we are trying to reunite with the veterans or their families. If you know any information regarding any of the people in the lists below then please contact us here.

Correct at as 30 January 2013

Boxer Rebellion

215 Able Seaman E O’Connell NSW Naval Contingent

Boer War

PTE Samuel Yeardley Cape Medical Staff Corps
369 James Gordon Campbell Frontier Light Horse (WWI 5th Infantry and SASC)

World War I

129765 PTE F Baldwin (British)
1946 PTE Thomas Brown 10th LHR
3336 PTE Walter Ewart Brown
39985 PTE John U Cadger, Scottish Rifles
T4-241767 PTE J Colliston ASC (British)
21904 PTE S Cryer (British)
61218 PTE Tom Davies (British)
M2-1751203 PTE B Davis ASC (British)
2630 Ernest David Davies 22nd Bn
6736 PTE George Dempsey
Z-2013 PTE Samuel Faulkner Rifle Brigade
1856 Michael James Fitzgerald 3rd LHR
16953 Royce Richard Fletcher Fiddes
33515 PTE George Ford Royal Berkshire Regt
29592 PTE Joseph Gardner (British)
34710 Driver S.J Griffiths, Royal Engineers
43120 TPR Ernest Griffin NZEF
M2-020611 Frederick T Hodkins ASC (British)
3842 PTE William Hodskinson 24th Bn AIF             
607 LCPL Sydney Hopkins 15th Bn AIF
493 PTE Ernest Arthur Horne 6th LHR AIF
509 CPL Roman Ilupmaggi 2nd Sig Tp/ 2nd LH Bde – 4th Bn
4912 PTE George Kay 53rd Bn AIF
Edward John Knight MN
2LT Cyril Leonard Knight (British WWI number 2826, AUS WWII number W237766)
2349 PTE John Edward McCarthy 22nd Bn AIF
6596 PTE John McCarthy (British)
7903 William Henry Moss Tunnelling Coy, AIF
479 Walter MacDougall Royal Artillery (British)
David Ogilvie Royal Navy
1599 PTE George Ormsby RAMC
SS-17784 PTE H Payne ASC
131 PTE Leslie William Powell 1st Fd Coy Eng AIF                                    
John Peter Webb Pennington RNVR
1511 PTE Reginald James Robertson 24th Bn
3922 Alexander Sinclair (British - Gordon Highlanders)
3169 PTE William Wallace Roy Smith
50227 PTE Ernest Snell KRRC (British)
740 Dvr Forbes Sutherland Royal Engineers (British)       
Charles H Taylor MN
3901 Pte. Charles Vincent,  30th Battalion
62 PTE Con Wickham 21st Bn AIF

World War II

NX126432 David Brown
NX41413 Edmond Burke
NX72330 Alan Herbert Barcham
NX9218 Laurence Cartwright
V13285 Albert Jessie Collins
B3/227 Betty Francis Dow
NX33130 Vincent Joseph Donovan
Q151486 Thomas Frederick Freeman
WX30636 Leonard Townshend Fry
J Ferguson MN
18290 John Edward Greaves RAN
S 8355 Fred Hayes RAN
NX71676 William George Harris
QX53670 Theodore Joseph Keegan
D Lawson (Tobruk commemorative medal)
NX124340 Ronald Frank Lewis     
VX731 Joesph Miller         
C.F.R. MacGregor MN
150256 James Gordon McLean
John (Jack) Sydney Rawcliffe (British)
NX123886 Sydney William Roberts
NX58709 Lawrence John Bradridge Ross
SX18468 Harold Foster Rogers
WX7019 William Smith
VX74647 Robert John Smyth
QX45659 Lenard Toohey


24018769 SIG L Jefferies Royal Signals
6010481 Leslie Lewry Essex Regt
Alwyn Kirby



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