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This section houses some of the photos of the research team and their quest to return lost medals back to the respective families. It is such a pleasure to hand back medals to family members as we know it brings such a joy to them and satisfaction to us in our quest. Please enjoy the selection of photos below.


Most of the medals that are returned to families are put in the mail and sent back to the family. On the odd occasion one of us gets to meet the veteran or family we are returning a medal to. It is always a moving and memorable occasion. Glyn had the opportunity to met Rob in May 09 and return the WWI British War Medal awarded to Rob’s relative CPL George Clifford. This photo was taken in Kensington Gardens in London.


This photo is of PTE Kel Egan (left) and his son Kelly. PTE Egan’s Vietnam War pair was listed on our web site for some time and his son Kelly came across the listing by accident. He contacted Glyn and surprised his father by returning them to him.


The quiet achiever amoungst the research team (Bill) has also been lucky enough to meet a family recently. This photo is of the nephew and niece of George Oldham who died as a POW on the Burma-Siam Railroad.


Joseph Zaltzman was one of those Australian servicemen who is not from the typical Anglo-Saxon background but none the less answered the call to serve. Born in Petricov, Russia, he moved to Australia and served in the RAAF. His family settled in Israel, however, Joseph became a nationalised Australian. He died in 1970 in Sydney. Joseph's relatives who live in Tel Aviv came across his name on our website. The family provided a photo of Joseph visiting Israel in 1961, Joseph is in the suit.


In 2004 the Queensland RSL sent me a WWII group of 6 medals comprising 1939-45 Star, North Atlantic Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939-45. On the Pacific Star was a Mentioned In Dispatches emblem. The medals belonged to 14055 Leading Cook Henry Lee, RAN.

After a long trail of correspondence and just good luck I was finally able to get into contact with Henry Lee's daugther Marlene. Marlene lives in Ballarat about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and I was able to personally present her fathers medals to Marlene and her family at an informal but emotional gathering.

An insight to Glyn's auditing methods in his office. This is to make sure all the medals and information is up to date so we can verify families requests quickly and efficiently.
A photo of a very happy Mr. Donnelly who wears his fathers medals after being returned by Glyn in June 2007.
A family photo of the Jones family which was shown to Glyn after returning the four medals of H.F. Jones (seen top left). A friend of the Jones family saw one of our advertisements in the RSL news and the medals were returned after all these years.






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