Our biggest request via email is that of people asking us if we have seen their relatives' medals. We will get a few emails a week asking for assistance to help locate their fathers/grandfather's medals, find information on relatives or asking us to point them in the right direction.

The purpose of our site is to reunited medals we have in our possession (see current list here) to the respective families. This alone is a full time job and as such we find it really difficult to help people with the requests mentioned above. We of course will be happy to add your relatives details to our list in the hope someone else may contact you via our site (this may take some time as updating the site with other information is a priority). You will need to provide us the following details:

Full Name, Address, Contact Numbers and Email Address. Also as much information about your relatives medals as possible. This would include medals awarded, serial number, rank and full name. You can contact us here.

So I have included a number of handy hints to assist you in trying to find your relatives' medals.

  • Speak to the family - you will be surprised what some relatives have in an old suitcase in their homes. They may also know the last whereabouts of the medals.
  • If your relative was affiliated with an RSL - perhaps speak to them for further assistance.
  • Search online auction sites like eBay and Epier each week.

For other helpful hints on how to conduct searches on a relative please go here.


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